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We help people build their homes better, faster and cheaper by using innovative construction technologies. We build multi-family and affordable housing communities, industrial facilities, public and private healthcare facilities, fitness centers and office buildings. We improve the supply chain management process, increase operational efficiencies and build environments that foster creativity.

What is AAC Block?

AAC blocks or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are fast replacing traditional bricks in the construction industry. AAC is a foam concrete material that is up to three times more lightweight than regular bricks, and hence, is easy to handle and use too.


Fire Resistance

Atul Green Bricks AAC Blocks provides a fire rating of 4 hours for thickness of 150mm.
This makes it one of the best building materials available in the market.

Space Saving

Better option to use thinner internal walls, 75mm instead of 100 mm and as a result there is an increase in floor space area upto 2%.

Thermal Control

Building uses approx 30% less energy for cooling and heating the interior air space.

Acoustic Insulation

Atul Green Bricks AAC Blocks provides extraordinary defence against noise pollution.
The sound reduction index is more than 40dB.


Absorbs strong impacts.
Withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking.

Easy & Fast Installation

It is easy to chisel, cut & core the AAC Blacks, as per requirements.

Wall Installation Speed

20 meter square/day.

Cost Effective

Save upto 25% in foundation cost

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